Do you hunger for a life of purpose and meaning?

Do you long to connect in a way that is more real and meaningful?

Are you exhausted from self-criticism and feeling like you’re not enough?

Do you wonder why you keep trying different things but get the same results?

All the lonely, empty, longing & tiredness you feel are callings of a voice deep inside
that’s trying to wake you up, saying:

“Psst. There’s more to life than this.”

It’s the inner voice looking to guide you in the direction of your highest being.
If you ignore it, the pain intensifies…trying desperately to get your attention and save you from worse dangers ahead.

It’s the call of your soul, seeking expression.

To BE FREE — from past experiences that keep you trapped in patterns that no longer serve you, allowing you to create the life you deeply desire. Free to step into the sunshine and breathe in the richness of everything around you…feeling deeply connected and at peace.

To BE REAL — confidently standing in your power and presence freely expressing the truth of who you are, claiming your space and having a voice. Allowing the essence of love and joy to bubble up from every part of you and overflow into the world.

To LIVE ON PURPOSE — following the wisdom of inner guidance awakening you to the unique gifts you are here to share with the world. Impacting those around you just by boldly living your truth and experiencing the deep fulfillment that comes from being aligned with your soul.

 Your life happens from the inside out. Everything important to you — your relationships, achievements and dreams for the future — all come through the doorway of who you are
…or who you think you are.


The quality of your life can’t go any higher

than the quality of your relationship with yourself.

After all, you are perfect exactly as you are. There’s nothing wrong with you — nothing to fix…nothing you need but don’t have. Everything you seek is already hidden inside you at the core. This is the truth of who you are — Your True Nature…your Soul Essence.

Then there’s your ego: this part of you is self-centered, arrogant and not always nice — even if it doesn’t say it out loud. It’s insecure, self-conscious and easily flattered or crushed by criticism. Ego aims to please and impress, pretending to be fine and fudging the truth. It eats stuff that’s not good for you, doesn’t like to exercise and spends too much money. It gets angry and says things you regret. And just as you think you’re healthier and more centered, your ego takes something personally and flies off the handle. And every bit of it…is perfect.

What if your ego, this seemingly messed up part of you, exists for a reason? I mean, a better reason than to overcome it. What if this thing you dislike about yourself — that you see as negative and try to hide…as broken and try to fix — what if it’s what makes the whole thing work?

Your soul needs a partner who can do what it can’t — and the ego is perfect. Blocked from awareness of the larger spiritual purpose and rooted in physical form, your ego reacts to everything as intensely real and personal – which is exactly what your soul needs, to have a genuine human experience.

You quickly discover which qualities are rewarded and which ones get you in trouble. Being loving is good…being angry is bad. Giving to others is good, wanting something for yourself is not. Work hard, yes…have fun, no.

Ego has one motivation: to feel safe and loved but avoid pain and rejection. You learn to portray the “good” qualities that get you what you want and squelch the parts of yourself that might be rejected. But deep inside you feel the growing emptiness and quiet desperation of not being who you really are.

Over time, you learn to lock away the parts of yourself deemed unacceptable. At first, it works pretty well…not perfectly, but the best you know to do given your situation. People start to like and admire you for being such a loving, good and successful person. As long as you keep the unacceptable parts hidden, you’re golden.

But ego’s not done. It continues to drive you into the extremes of what you do to feel safe. If you stay safe by shutting off emotions and going into your head, ego pushes you further into your head. If you take care of others or work long hours to avoid your own stuff, ego pushes you to over-extend yourself even more. It pushes you further and further out of balance, exhausting every option and bit of energy you have…until you cry “uncle” and stop, making it painfully clear: You can’t do this anymore. It doesn’t work.

It’s time to express the parts of yourself you’ve been avoiding. If you’ve been in your head, it’s time to reveal the heart. If you typically over-extend yourself, it’s time to meet your needs too.

This is the great voyage from ego to soul. The path you were born to take. And ego performed its role impeccably — driving you further and further away from the soul truth of who you are, until the pain of it drives you back in this direction – to connect with your soul essence.

Through the soul, ego receives what it needs most — awareness of its connection beyond the physical plane, to something infinite, loving and true. After ego explores and exposes what’s not true, it now recognizes the soul partner as its genuine source of truth. As this awareness expands, ego lets go and surrenders to the universal wisdom of the soul – it’s edges dissolving until it melds and becomes one with your Soul.

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