Sue Scott

As a Brainspotting Practitioner and Transformational Coach, I use a holistic mind, energy, body approach to liberate the truth of who you really are so you can live a life of freedom, authenticity and meaningful purpose. I help healthy people who feel stuck, have lost their way, have been slammed up against the wall a few too many times, or have been bowled over by a life experience, find the power within to orient back to wholeness.

Instead of only clearing a pathway to the life you’ve imagined, I help you surrender to the grace life has imagined for you.

We are not meant to struggle alone and I provide a place to lean into when stuckness and pain call for attention and care.


My Story

I have always known life is much more than what we can experience with our 5 senses. As a sensitive child I was deeply affected by people’s treatment of each other. As a young adult I found meditation which blew the door open to the fullness of life I long suspected. It was the first time I felt I knew why I was here. I was part of a weekly meditation group for over 12 years that awakened me to the vast realms within and without.

As I liberated my true self through study, classes & trainings I heard the calling of my heart to take a life leap to sell my business, home and contents and move to Hawaii to swim daily with free dolphin who are willing to help us learn more about living in connectedness, love, joy and play. I consider this my “masters” program. I have led many retreats bringing humans and dolphins together…but I had more to learn.

In late middle age, I lost everything I had built in life due to circumstances surrounding a divorce and had to start over from ground zero. 

Imagine my excitement!

  • I have experienced the darkness of the abyss and found footholds to climb back out to a life far greater than ever before.
  • I have had my heart broken wide open and using the pain as a pointer to what needed healing, have found myself in a new universe.
  • I have become friends with adversity and learned how to find the true source of acceptance, love and support within.
  • I have felt lost and alone on this planet but I’ve also found boundless love in the sacred surrounding me.
  • I have played the “victim” to countless circumstances and stared in the face of the Divine and known my true power.
  • I have been angry with “what is” and surrendered to the grace of the universe helping me find my strength and wisdom.
  • I have known successes and defeats and what it is like to be immersed in oneness.

I found myself on a brilliant journey lovingly designed for my own deeper awakening. I have come to accept it all as a gift opening me to the sea of infinite possibility that we are all swimming in. To find my power to recreate life from a new deeper understanding of who I am and what I’m capable of. Our ability to open to this realm, to life itself, is our access to joy, harmony, peace, love and bliss. I believe THIS is our true CORE Calling…

Sue’s Bio

What I Believe

  • Genuine transformation requires an internal shift
  • You don’t change, fix or grow — you liberate the truth of who you are
  • You are brilliant — powerfully creating your life with utmost perfection
  • You are surrounded by an abundant universe that conspires tirelessly in your favor
  • What you seek, already exists inside you…waiting to be expressed
  • You don’t have “a life,” you are an expression of the one life
  • When you stop arguing with what is, you find peace in the flow
  • The greatest heartbreaks can be the catalyst to profound transformation
  • Everything and everyone is perfect exactly as is
  • Life happens for us, not to us

What You’ll Find

  • An atmosphere of authenticity, integrity and deep acceptance
  • My approach is refreshingly simple, straightforward and real
  • A dynamic blend of personal guidance, energetic healing and meditation