Sue’s Bio

Warm, passionate, & deeply insightful, Sue offers a unique ability to see the universal picture & identify soul-level truths. A professionally-trained growth facilitator and meditation teacher, Sue brings a unique depth of wisdom and perspective to her work. Initially trained as a graphic design artist, Sue has a special eye for beauty. This served her well as owner of a fine art framing business for 24 years, though her greatest passion and ability has always been recognizing the beauty of the human soul and its potential.

Sue offers 30+ years of experience having impacted thousands to break free of limiting beliefs, fulfill their longings for authentic connection and live meaningfully on purpose. Her calling is the evolution of human consciousness awakening us to our infinite spiritual nature. Meditation was one pathway to develop this potential, first in herself, then as a meditation teacher for others. Personal development seminars came next. As a participant, she found the seminars to be so transformative that she wanted to help spread the opportunity to others. She became Executive Director for LifeStream Columbus and increased their offerings and reach. She also studied as a professional Facilitator with internationally renowned leader Steve Sherwood, author of Finding Freedom.

Fulfilling a call to Hawaii, Sue went on to complete what she refers to as her year-long “masters program”—swimming with wild dolphins and learning from these amazing beings who’ve mastered living in freedom, compassion and joy. Now Sue brings their teachings to us land beings, modeling what’s possible when we step up to a more loving and joyful existence…and fulfill our higher calling.

Sue went on to complete an advanced healing and energy psychotherapy certification program at the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation centered on clearing trauma without rewounding, adult attachment work, and skills to transform the false self to embody true spiritual wholeness.

The moment she experienced Brainspotting, she knew it was the leading edge for accessing and releasing stored trauma, faulty self-perceptions and outdated beliefs that keep us from thriving. She quickly became a practitioner so she could bring this powerful healing technique to her clients.