“Sue is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. She knows exactly what to say to get you where you want to be, to help you find the answers inside. Just enough to point you in the right direction but not so much as to give it away.  Her patience, undivided attention, honesty and vibrancy for life has helped me reconnect with my inner essence so that I may share my true self with the world. It is truly an honor to have the privilege to know such an amazing woman.”

“Sue has a unique ability to see through all the layers of your life.  She works straight from the heart, with clarity and compassion. She will help you see issues in a way that can begin resolution in a very short time.”

“Sue is an intuitive, wise, and gentle guide. In our first session, she was able to see right through to the heart of what has been holding me back. I was able to walk out that day, an hour later, feeling lighter, hopeful, and a bit more myself.”

“Sue’s ability to ask the right questions at the right time during a session created safe space for me to explore my soul’s deep desire to express itself.  She helped me feel confidence and awaken to my inherent strengths, therefore gaining courage and taking necessary steps to engage more fully as an artist.”

“Sue is capable of and willing to plum the depths, all while having a great lightness of heart and spirit! She’s a joy! “  

“Sue is highly intuitive and caring. She accurately picked up on my limiting patterns, and her guidance has helped boost my self-love, spiritual connection, and physical healing. Grateful to work with her!”

“From the moment Sue looked into my eyes, I knew she had seen into my spirit. Before I revealed much, she was able to recognize the inner, hidden me.  Because of that, she knew exactly how to challenge me to discover in myself the potential to be truly amazing. Sue’s quietly powerful influence is an incredible gift that she has honed to an art form.”

“A powerful & brilliant life coach! Sue’s heart is only matched by her intuition & insight. Her feedback is profound, honest, challenging & always from a foundation of love, acceptance and wanting others to reach their highest potential.”

“Sue displayed the qualities of a person I knew I wanted to work with.  She has the ability to size up your comments, summarize and define your thoughts very quickly.  This intuitiveness continued throughout our work together. She was able to pose questions in a thought provoking way. I value her input and insight, and treasure the time spent with her.  She gave my learning experience new depth and meaning.”

“Very laid back; Listens quietly and then is right on with what she has to say.”

“Thank you for your insight, guidance & your gentle ways. The peace in you is a lovely thing to see and your playfulness is a gift.”

“Sue can see into the hearts of people and is supportive and encouraging. She has a quiet, but powerful manner.”

“It’s obvious Sue sincerely cares about people. From the moment I met her, I clearly felt a caring sense of energy.  And that is exactly what I received. Sue was born to do exactly what she is doing. Thank you again for all you’ve done for me and I’m sure you will do the same for others. You’re the best Sue! “

“Excellent facilitator!”

“Sue’s guided meditations are extraordinary and healing.”

“Very grounded and gentle. A quiet loving support.”

“Such a warm, caring person inside & out. Sue has such a calm, loving sense about her that truly shows in her love for others.”

“Sue is so intuitive and her kindness is angelic. If angels come in human form, she must be one of them.”

“I love Sue’s warmth, caring & insights. She opened my eyes to what I can be if I want it badly enough.”

“Very genuine.”

“Wonderful and beautiful inside and out. I felt her love and compassion as Sue listened to everyone’s story.”

“Sue has a wonderful intuitive sense of herself and others.”

“A light and spiritual guide. Deeply loving.”