This is no ordinary group. Here you will find a soft landing spot to be seen and heard; a place where you can create intimacy with others and restore your wholeness. So many live in a depleted state and spend their time trying to catch up never really getting there. Welcome a touchstone of nourishment & balance to your week where you get filled from the inside out. Guided by Source, each meditation is specific to the needs of the group.



Rejuvenate and fill up your well

Come back to what matters most

Deepen your spiritual connection

Find your true purpose

Relax into the flow

Get centered so you can respond not react

Find peace with what is

Self-love, tenderness, acceptance

Explore inner realms

Fill with gratitude for all you have

Put life back into your life

Be held & nurtured by your higher self

Fill your life with joy and connection

Open doors to creative resources

Move from fear to love

Uncover the deeper truth of who you are

Surrender to presence

Awaken to the sacred in all things



People who have meditated before even if it has been hard
(if you have not, we can arrange a few sessions to get you acquainted)

If you’re feeling stuck and the old ways don’t work anymore

If you’re just so tired and depleted, you can’t move forward

Want to develop greater self-love

You are a healer and not functioning at your highest level

Want to deepen your connection to Spirit

Looking for an authentic tribe

Want to connect with appreciation of all around you

Want to unleash creativity

You want to stop arguing with what is

Want to feel you are loved and supported

Tuesdays 7:00-8:30

6423 Clearview Rd.
Boulder, CO 80303

Please call before your first visit to get acquainted.