You’ve had a lifetime of transformation
Yet deep-down…you’re called to something more
It’s a voice rising from your core, daring you to…

Be the real you
Open your heart
Put yourself out there
Connect and love more deeply
Speak your truth
Step out with confidence
Inspire others with your BOLD authenticity and passion

It’s the call of your soul…and your destiny.

But the voice of doubt jumps in

What makes you think you can do that?
Why stand out and open yourself to criticism?
What if you fail?

Suddenly, it feels waaay too vulnerable. On one level, you feel great about yourself — you’re good at what you do, you obviously care…but deep-down a tiny voice still questions, “What if people don’t like what they see?”

It’s far easier to play the role of helper, teacher or leader

This way you stay safe in the comfort zone of what you know and keep the focus on others. Then you get to feel good about what you do and enjoy close interaction…without the risk of revealing yourself. But part of you knows you’re hiding — that you’re capable of so much more…if you step out and let people see the real you.

So you tell yourself, “Once everyone (everything) is settled, I’ll go for it!”

But for now, you have too many obligations. Others need you…and they’re not afraid to pull the guilt card. “How can you be so selfish?” “After all I’ve done for you.” “Go ahead. (sigh) I’ll manage somehow.” How can you say no?!

It’s easier if you just go along and don’t say anything.

You don’t want to hurt feelings, deal with their reaction or make things worse. But you ache to be in the open. To laugh out loud…be mischievous…have powerful impact…and feel wildly abundant and in love with your life!

I get the dilemma.

Deep inside you’re called to something more — you know it’s right. But you also feel obligated to circumstances that seem to take first priority. So you tell yourself to hang in there…but something always needs doing…and part of you is afraid your time will end without achieving what you’re fully capable of.

I’ve been there.

I had a dream to move to Hawaii and work with wild dolphins — to learn from their example of living together in total freedom, love and joy…and bring these lessons to the human world. I loved everything about the ocean, dolphins and expanding human consciousness. On my first visit to Hawaii, I knew I found home.

But I lived in Ohio, with my own business to run and aging parents who needed me. I could sell the business but what about my parents? I couldn’t leave them. So I looked for smaller ways to feed my dream — doing a dolphin swim and reading about dolphins…but life was much the same.

I told myself my parents needed me…but unconsciously, I needed them. I was the sensitive, emotional one; the rejected divorcee after my husband dumped me for someone else…and I was fat. Who would love me? Mom tried to help: “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll still love you”…followed by the unspoken, “because no one else will.”

So we had a silent pact

I’ll be the Dutiful Daughter — loving, devoted, self-less and accommodating
…and in exchange, you’ll love me and be there for me.

Basically: “I’ll meet your needs if you meet mine”
But it was a package deal…with strict rules (and a hefty price tag!)

Don’t say anything when they say something hurtful — it’s not worth it
Keep things you care about to yourself
Hide parts of you that others will judge
Put others before yourself
Be patient; never angry

It was a Catch-22. I wanted them to love me…and I was willing to twist myself into whatever shape to get it. But the more I squelched parts of myself — to be and do what I thought they wanted, the less I felt seen, loved and appreciated for who I am. I thought if I played by the rules, I’d get the love I wanted. Instead I felt less loved.

But I couldn’t let go. It’s addictive — like a slot machine, doling out a tiny morsel of what looked like love — enough to encourage me to keep trying…ever hopeful for the big payout.

When I didn’t want to play anymore, it rallied everyone to pull “the escapee” back in line. I was breaking the rules and shirking my part of the bargain. There are consequences. The sudden onslaught of guilt, button-pushing and drama was enough to draw me back in…then everything could return to normal. Such was the game.

Of course, much of it was unconscious and unclear at the time. Nonetheless…

 It wasn’t that my parents needed me; I was ensnared in the game we played.

I was a full player. Every time I gave in to guilt…or told myself, “It’s not worth it” to say anything…or withheld the truth of who I am, I made it advantageous for them to continue as they were, instead of showing up in a healthier way. I wasn’t just tolerating…I was fully participating in creating the game.

It wasn’t just with family. I repeated the same pattern over and over at work, in relationships, everywhere I went.

My mother’s cancer diagnosis was my wake-up call. She spent her whole life sacrificing and playing the game. Now she felt angry and bitter…and it was too late.

I had to stop feeding the game…and feed my soul…

In other words: To get free of the game, be real and live on purpose.

Get Free

Cut the strings of guilt, obligation and nagging self-doubt…to answer the higher call of your soul. Let go and allow the vast abundance to flow through you, powerfully creating exactly what you want.

Be Real

Feel relaxed, confident and centered in your own knowingness — freely expressing all of who you are. Finally open your heart to love whole-heartedly…feeling deeply connected at a soul-level.

Live on Purpose

Stand clear and confident in your exact purpose…knowing now that you’re clear, nothing can get in your way. Simply by being you and following your passion, you serve as a powerful inspiration for others.

I found when I claimed my power, took responsibility for myself and committed to my heart’s calling, it released the “game” and we were freed. Freed to truly love each other and find peace…and my mother had taught me her greatest lesson, what she could never completely claim for herself, to choose my life first. I will forever be grateful.

When we choose to show up differently, it shifts our world in ways we can’t even see from here. My life has become deeper, expansive and far more fulfilling than ever before. It has not all been smooth but has a richness that is deeply satisfying. I am anchored to my purpose and living it out loud.

You have a limited time here on Earth.
You deserve a life that lights you up and feeds your Soul!

Stop Banging Your Head Against the Door of Freedom and Fling it Wide Open

Surround yourself with other audacious beings and claim the life you were born to live!


12 week commitment  2.25 hour sessions per week

$50 per week paid in full $600 total

$55 per week paid by the month $220 – $660 total 

$60 per week if paid by the week $720 total

A small price to pay to awaken to a deeper understanding of how you are creating your life and to get more of what you really want.

Payment is due even if you don’t come to class. I will provide a brief overview of what we worked on and any new homework.

This class is interactive and experiential. What you put in is what you get out. Homework will be part of this class. It is important to do your homework to be a contributing member of this group. Everyone contributes to the whole.

We can’t always see ourselves. It is in relationship that we experience ourselves. That is the beauty of a safe group with strong emphasis on confidentiality. 

This group is limited to 6 members.

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