Warning! If you notice any of these symptoms,
take immediate action to sign-up for this group:

Frontal bruising from running into the same wall over and over
Persistent soreness from ‘biting your tongue’ around family
Fear of standing out, not being liked, upsetting others
Diminished capacity for carefree laughter and joy

Attempting change with people who don’t want it
Exhaustion from carrying all the weight
Feeling guilty, obligated or selfish (!)
Outgrowing your friends

Advanced symptoms

A secret desire to let it all go and follow your heart
Quiet acts of rebellion


 Failure to take immediate action could result in health problems
                                                                                         (or maybe that’s happening already.)

it’s easy to lose sight of yourself

You sacrifice, telling yourself it’s just for now
You accommodate others, ignoring your own needs
You tolerate people and situations that drain your energy
You take care of everyone (everything), but later feel unappreciated or used
You push others to live their potential, while you stay hidden in the background
You wait, saying once everyone’s taken care of…then you’ll do your thing
You plateau, telling yourself to be happy with what you have
You over-give, but apologize profusely if you need help
You avoid the truth, afraid of what will change
You hold back important parts of yourself
You give in to guilt and obligation

leaving you feeling…

Perhaps you only feel this way in certain situations or it’s really weighing you down.
Either way, it’s the same issue…and solution: It’s time to…

You’re way too hard on yourself! Sometimes you need some outside influence to shake off the weightiness of what’s going on — to step back, breathe, laugh a bit, see it with fresh perspective and hold it more lightly — opening space for more joy, creativity and confidence.

Once your energy’s flowing, everything feels lighter and easier…so that’s exactly what we’ll do in this group…through authentic sharing, deep listening, meditation, laughter, new perspectives and more!

You’re hiding some of your best stuff! Instead of squelching parts of yourself or waiting for those in your current world to “get it”…step into a group that feels like home…where you can let go, relax and just be you…where there’s no need to explain because they ‘soooo get it.’

When you’re with other kindred souls, it’s easier to let down the wall and allow yourself to be seen. You find out the parts of yourself that were judged in the past…are exactly what these folks love about you. Lucky for you, these are the very people drawn to this group so all you have to do is show up and enjoy meaningful connection.

You’re here to do something extraordinary! But it’s hard to hold onto. Identifying your EXACT life purpose is kinda slippery…it’s easy to get distracted…then fear and doubt take over. “Who are you to think you can do that?”

This group is your chance to be still for a moment — to let go of the day-to-day details and drop deeper inside yourself…to listen and be reminded of who you really are and what you’re called to. Because when you’re clear, it’s easier to say no to what doesn’t fit and hold the direction that feeds your soul.

Come ready to shake things up, push your edges,
let go, laugh, breathe
and feel thankful you didn’t wait one more day.

This group has a limit of six participants

Call to apply for this group


Wednesday Evenings

6423 Clearview Rd. Boulder, CO 80303

2 hour sessions 7:00-9:00

$40 per session if paid per month

$45 per session if paid each week

“Come on a journey where you’re guaranteed to lose your baggage”

Hey, now what’s to lose?!