Rise Above the Fear

What if life happens for you and not to you? What if this virus is a gift not a curse? Whether you adopt that perception of the world or not, arguing with “what is” creates suffering. You are not a victim. This is a point of power. Here we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do you marinate in fear and hunker down deeper into your old perceptions or do you rise above to see the possibilities here?

Welcome to the next evolution of human consciousness. We are doing this globally as the human race. It is no accident that you are here to be part of this.  We are moving from Ego Driven to Soul Inspired. We have critically threatened the planet and its occupants with our unconscious egoic behavior and it is time to awaken and evolve.

Sit with that for a moment and feel it in your body. Does that scare you, or excite you and cause your muscles to relax as you take a deep breath into the knowingness of it?

Old structures, behaviors and thinking patterns have become so rigid and burdensome holding us in limiting patterns that a global restructure is required. We are being given the opportunity to reevaluate our lives and reprioritize what is most important.

We have BIG questions to ask ourselves.

Is achievement more important than fulfillment?

Is looking for self-identification in things more important that spelunking the inner realms to find the riches there?

Is more, more, more of everything really necessary?

Have you been on the treadmill of doing what you’re “supposed” to do ignoring that calling from deep within trying to get your attention? We have kept ourselves so busy chasing the images of success we have missed the essence of life itself.

The gift of this time is being able to see ourselves more clearly as being connected in the oneness. Borders have no meaning or effect on what really connects us. We will see that the actions we take affect others. We get to feel our reaction to the circumstances. Where we put our attention grows. Are you driven by fear or possibility?

There will be casualties. This will not happen without pain but the more we open our mind, energy and bodies to the shift, the more we can ride the next wave of evolution to the shore.

Don’t deny your fear, it is your teacher. Follow where it leads. Examine your anxieties and keep going. What’s underneath that? Be brave to be with what is there. This is our real work. This is the work of awakening.

Can you connect to your inner resources to find the strength and support to feel safe during this transition?

Allow your heart to open to the dimensions within prior to thought. This is where the shift will happen. Here you can surrender the old egoic mind patterns for the wisdom of the soul. Here you tap into the greater truth of your beingness.

Don’t take this lightly, this shift will take focused conscious intention. Many of us came here for this. Let’s start bringing in the elevated possibilities of this time and create a more awakened, compassionate and loving Earth.

I will be posting an online gathering for discussion and meditation in the near future.


Sue Scott



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