Ego Driven to Soul Inspired Assessment

What an amazing time we are in. It is so full of awakening potential. I’m vibrating with excitement. We are standing at the edge of a full paradigm shift going from Ego Driven to Soul Inspired.

To awaken consciousness, we awaken ourselves. To heal the world, we heal ourselves.

If we want to be a conscious contributor to this shift, our job at this time is to take an honest look at how we have been using our energy. Can we sit and be with ourselves and welcome what arrives? This transition is about leaving harsh self-judgement behind in the old paradigm and moving into acceptance of “what is” with clarity, love and compassion. Ignoring, denying or avoiding the truth of who we are does not make it not so. It’s about embracing ALL of who we are as human beings. Our ego has been a tool for us on this journey and it has gotten harmfully out of balance.

It takes commitment and bravery to step forward and take full responsibility for oneself. The work will be exhilarating, humbling, freeing and oh so worth it.

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